Want to encourage art and build a more compassionate society?  Here are some sponsorship, commissioning,

and patronage opportunities:


Butterflies Found is a work-in-progress for flute and hammered dulcimer, written in honor of victims and survivors of the Holocaust.  Its first sketch was unveiled as pre-service music for Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the piece is now in its second draft.  We are seeking co-commissioners of this work, which aims to reflect the inner beauty of people in the ghettos, which carried them through the atrocities they witnessed and suffered.  Co-commission Butterflies Found

Multiphonics Live is a series of live streaming events that feature multiphonic works and flute classics.  Its first airing will happen on Saturday, 5/16.  The program includes solo flute music, including Bach's Partita in A minor, Bozza's Image, and two multiphonic works: Transforming Parallels, and Wayfaring Stranger.  A very special part of the program will be devoted to a hearing of the second draft of a new work for flute and hammered dulcimer, Butterflies Found.   If you are interested in supporting future broadcasts and developing the repertoire, you can co-sponsor the series here.

The Kaufman Center is one of New York City's main hubs of community arts and arts education, providing opportunities to learn, explore and perform to people across all five boroughs.  Due to Covid-19, this rich resource is in danger.  An online fundraising concert will take place on Monday, June 1.  Bonnie will be performing "Wayfaring Stranger".  If you would like to co-sponsor this performance, you can do so here. 


You can always support the exploration of multiphonics with the following recurring programs:

Patronage:  exploring the edge of possible

How far can one go in defying the tendencies of physics?  Can multiphonics be as stable, in tune, and as expressive as a single note?  No one knows where the edges of possible lie, and Bonnie dances on that edge every day.  Your contribution can support the the development of new works and pedagogical tools, the pursuit of new fingerings and note combinations, and the pursuit of a truthful expression in the face of the difficulties of multiphonic flute-playing.


Sponsor a publication


You can help put a new work out into the world and into the hands of flutists across the globe by sponsoring a publication.


Provide a scholarship to a worthy student

This summer Bonnie will introduce Multiphonics Hunting, an international course for extra-hardy flutists, dedicated to greatness in multiphonic-playing.  You can help a worthy student attend the course for just $150.



Commission a piece


Bonnie accepts commissions for works for all instrumental and vocal combinations.  Works that tend to interest her have a societal benefit; they promote a more compassionate and just society.   If you have an event that needs music, particularly an event that draws upon themes of social justice, empathy, humanity, and/or compassion, consider commissioning a new piece to commemorate the event.  Email Bonnie at  Please put "commission" in the subject heading.